Bathroom Vanities Gallery in Toronto – Concord

Bathroom Vanities Gallery

Are you thinking about a new bathroom? When is the last time you remodeled in there?

Teka Kitchen Gallery in Toronto – Concord can give you a hand getting your bathroom more up-to-date. After all, the bathroom is one of the top three most frequently used rooms in the average home. Seriously, you spend a lot of time in the bathroom, so why not make it look so amazing that your spouse may have to get another bathroom so you can spend more time in yours. You will have to drag your guests out of there because they just never want to leave.

Based on our various collections of cabinetry, customers can have multiple options from modern to classical types of vanities.

Here are some interesting ideas for custom bathroom renovations:

Getting Started

The first thing you need to do is see what you have to work with. Do you have a large bathroom with a lot of wasted space? Or a tiny bathroom that needs to appear bigger? Our design consultants at Teka Kitchen Gallery Inc. in Concord can come to your home and see what you have and make a 3-D blueprint so you can work together on a plan that will fit perfectly. After all, you do not want to design a plan and buy the materials just to find out that you do not have the space for what you want to do.

What kind of bathroom do you want? A Zen Garden type with a standalone old-fashioned tub sitting on a bed of smooth lava rock? Maybe a state of the art modern three head shower with seating, marble tile and countertops. A bright yellow and orange cheerful room with a garden tub and a huge glass block window that is etched for your privacy.

Storage Space

What kind of cabinet and vanity space do you want? Double sinks for you and your spouse? Maybe a modern tech-savvy vanity with charging ports for you smart phone, IPod and tablet? The bamboo cabinetry and woven basket style is coming back in style along with shaker style cabinet doors. An oak cottage style vanity set with two semi-recessed sinks made of black marble is a nice touch in a small cottage style bathroom. An Asian style bathroom is nice as well, with bamboo and sleek, shiny glass countertops. Whatever your preference, our design consultants will help you find what you need to design the perfect bathroom

Kids Bathroom

You cannot forget the kids! How about an ocean theme with seashell soaps, an ocean scene on the wall, cabinet knobs of fish, octopus, dolphins, mermaids, and other marine creatures. And let the kids decorate their own shower curtain with fabric painted handprints. Your little sports lover will love to wash his hands in a football helmet sink bowl, surrounded by self-stick appliques of your child’s favorite team on the walls, and drying his hands on towels of the team colors. And who can forget the princess bathroom? A pink lacy shower curtain and window treatments, colorful hair accessories in fancy containers on a beautiful pink counter, and a jewelry box filled with colorful gem shaped soaps. Let your children help you decorate. That way you know they will love what you are doing and it will feel more like their own bathroom.

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