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design consultantThe first step of any job is design consultation. We discuss your stylistic needs and preferences and show you what we suggest as a way of honoring your requirements. You may prefer modern style or a more classic style. We visit the location and see for ourselves exactly what kind of spacing specifications you have. The second step of our home decoration is to come up with the precise measurements of your space so that we can design a custom-fit 3D blueprint. It is important to plan every step exactly so that at no point in time is production stopped because something does not fit.

Along with measurements comes space planning. We try to take advantage of the area you have available, even if it is not quite efficient as is. Our jobs as remodelers require us to try and improve your current living situation. Before we finalize the blueprints, we will see if furniture, appliances, and cabinetry can be arranged a more practical way. The pre-production stage of our home renovation services ends with the 3D virtual design and revision of that design so that it meets client satisfaction. Then at last the work can begin. We supply all of your materials, including cabinetry, countertops, and hardware at discounted prices. Our affordable interior design will allow you to achieve your style goals without having to hit the lottery.

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