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Do You Need a Wall Unit?

What is a wall unit? Well, with Teka Kitchen Gallery in Concord your wall unit can be anything you want it to be. Anywhere you want it to be. If you need an entertainment center in your living room for your television and movie collection, we can do that. Maybe a wall unit for your bathroom to hold all of your towels, washcloths, personal products, and cosmetics.

We can custom make a wall unit for you wherever you need it. Do you want to separate your childrens’ bedroom without having to build a completely new room? A freestanding wall unit in the middle of the room can solve that problem. On the other hand, if you would like a decorative wall unit in your kitchen with shelving for pots and pans, fine china, power ports for your electronic devices. You can even have a computer monitor or television in your kitchen wall unit so you can cook right alongside your favorite cook on your favorite cooking show.

Here are some great ideas that Teka Kitchen Gallery can design for your home:

Room Divider

Having two children and one bedroom is difficult, to say the least. However, you do not want to build another bedroom on your home so why not try a freestanding wall unit room divider? We can build a beautiful and functional one-of-a-kind wall unit that will separate the two kids while holding a computer, television, books, and makeup, whatever your kids may want on their side of the room. We can even build one that has a rotating middle so the kids can share that television and computer when necessary.

Entertainment Center

Do you need a wall unit that can hold your flat screen television, stereo system, movie collection, and whatever else you like? Maybe you want a wet bar built into your wall complete with a sink and tap. We have design consultants that can come over and draw up a 3D blueprint for you with the exact dimensions that you have to work with. Then we can plan what you want and make sure it is going to fit perfect before we start working on anything.

Bookshelves in Your Library or Study

Do you like books? It seems like now with all the new technology, that nobody even reads books anymore because everything is electronic. That does not mean that you have to stop reading books. That just means there are more books for you to display in a gorgeous wall unit for your study or library with as many shelves as you need. Lighted shelves with glass doors to protect your collection or adjustable open shelving that you can adjust as your library grows.

Bathroom Space

It seems like there is never enough bathroom space for all of your towels, washcloths, personal products, cleaning items, etc. A custom-made bathroom wall unit can hold all that and more, with even some hidden storage for your secret goodies you do not want to share. Mirrors, extra lighting, and even a hidden power port to plug in your electronic devices.

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