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Classical Kitchens follow the Roman, Victorian, Renaissance and Nouveau styles. These styles’ characteristics are distinguished by the design of their posts, flowers, and corbels. Classical kitchens use glazed and painted raised panel doors which are made of either wood (Walnut, Cherry, Maple), or MDF. Antique white and almond are the popular colors of classical style. However, earthy colors of some wooden doors are also favored by some customers.

Classic Kitchen Design and Renovation

Are you sick of the new, modern kitchens with all the fancy gadgets and stainless steel? While many people are going for the modern look in their kitchen with all of the technologic devices built right in for a space age feel, many others are going back to the past. Classical design is coming back to the kitchen, with lots of painted cabinetry, simple architecture, marble or granite countertops, fancy molding, wood flooring, and built in basic appliances. Are you ready to make that change? Classical kitchen design can be many different styles as well. Here are some great ideas for classical kitchen design from Teka Kitchen Gallery in Concord:


Roman Kitchen Design

Back in the old days in Rome, if you were rich enough to have a kitchen in your home, it would have a built-in clay oven, a simple type of burner on the top heated by charcoal, wood cabinetry, and pot racks. You may not want to go that far into the past, but having the built-in stove and oven with a kitchen island all with natural stone (i.e. granite, marble) counter tops would be a great classical Roman style. We will work with you until you find exactly the right roman design for your kitchen.


Victorian Kitchen Design

The Victorian kitchen design is full of rich, dark wood cabinetry with beautifully designed molding. A huge rectangular kitchen table of dark wood with at least 12 chairs is the center of the kitchen, right next to the stove and sink and a dark wood china cabinet. All of the furniture has decoratively carved legs and made of the same type and color of wood. The three main decorative areas in the Victorian kitchen are the ceiling, floor, and walls. The ceiling and walls are usually tiled with decorative white or metallic (i.e. bronze, tin, brass) ornamental panels with elaborate designs. Floors can be wood plank or decorative tiles to match the walls and ceiling. Teka Kitchen Gallery has some great ideas to get your Victorian design just the way you like it.


Renaissance Kitchen Design

The renaissance design is grand and elegant for those who loved the beauty of the renaissance period with neutral colors of gold, beige, and pastels mixed with dark accent colors such as blue, red, and yellow. We have plenty of colors to choose from, whatever your preference. Geometric designs and woodcarvings, engraving, and vibrant paintings. This style also features arches, columns, and tall windows with antique molding and statues. In addition, there are always colorful floors of carpeting or tile and ornamental lighting to top it all off.


Nouveau Kitchen Design

The classical nouveau kitchen design is not for someone who prefers basic, ordinary surroundings because this is a daring and dramatic style full of glossiness and sophistication. We can help you design your perfect nouveau styled kitchen. This style is full of stainless steel or black countertops and appliances with a built-in stove and range hood, artistic faucet designs and drawer pulls, as well as hidden storage in all the right places. Strategically placed modern classical styled furniture with clean edged design in glass and marble will bring the room together nicely.
We are a family business with almost 30 years of experience so we can help you no matter what style you like. Our family will make your kitchen not just a place to eat, but also a place where your family will love to hang out.

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