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Modern styles are characterized by their flat doors, and primary shapes. Color, texture, accessory and alignment are the important elements in modern kitchens. Teka Kitchen Gallery offer wide range of modern doors with different colors, texture from Gloss to Portuna.

The kitchen is the most important room in your home, and it is visited more than any other room, which is why it is one of the most often remodeled places in any house. The number one important part of remodeling is planning, and we are one the leading kitchen cabinet makers in Concord and can help with that important first step. If you are wanting a modern style kitchen design or want to remodel your old kitchen into a modern one, you will be looking for the most up-to-date and fresh ideas for your kitchen. Some ideas for modern kitchen design are new and innovative lighting features and unusual countertop materials and flooring.

Here are some FAQs about modern kitchen design

So, what is a modern style kitchen design anyway?

At this time it is all about technology and convenience, such as hidden charging ports for electronic devices like smart phones and tablets, built-in coffee makers, water dispensers, and wine coolers. Small innovative appliances like oil-less fryers, choppers, mixers, blenders, compact pressure cookers, and deep freezers are some old trends made new again by making them a built-in part of the kitchen design. At Teka Kitchen Gallery Inc. in Concord, we can make a space for everything in your kitchen.

What colors are good for modern kitchen design?

The new favorite colors are soft pale shades of any hues. Pale yellow, beige, light greens, blues, and orange. Textures are also going to be popular this year. Different styles and shades of fabric, art, bamboo accessories, and crown moldings. Contrasting and repositioning the same textures in various patterns throughout the kitchen.

What about the kitchen island?

The kitchen island is still going to be an excellent choice for the center point in your kitchen, but there are many new ways to modernize the traditional island. Rather than just a boring rectangle with extra countertops and drawers, try a 12-foot long boomerang shaped center workstation with shelving, built-in wine rack, an extra sink, and more gadgets and power ports for your electronics. If you do not have room for a kitchen island, try an extended countertop with barstool seating and decorative lighting accents. We has some great lighting ideas for all areas of the kitchen.

What else is new?

Here are a few new ideas for 2016:

  • Ceiling Art: A beautiful mural or just a swirl of color or images.
  • Small port-style windows along the sides of the walls, and anything else that draws your eyes upwards or outside.
  • Window Wall: Bring the outdoors in with a window that covers one whole wall, or a row of large solar panel windows in the ceiling to brighten things up naturally.
  • Lighted cabinets: Not just on the outside of your cabinets, but on the insides as well. Open up your cabinet and a tiny light automatically comes on to help you see what you are looking for.

Every home has a different kitchen space though, and you have to be sure that your plan will fit your kitchen. Our design team here at Teka Kitchen Gallery Inc. can help you plan the perfect design for your specific kitchen by coming to your home and making 3D blueprints of the space you have to work with. This way you and our designers can figure out the most amazing modern style kitchen design that works for you.

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