Project Management

project managementExpect the best from our project management functions. The 3D blueprint is not the end of the design stage – we double check every aspect of the plan just to ensure that everything is Kosher. Once we verify the accuracy of measurements, we give your kitchen project the green light. Now we are prepared to order handles, drawers, hinges, and more. The actual construction of your kitchen will not take more than two weeks, perhaps four weeks at the longest. project management preparation and verification that goes along with it is what lengthens the job.

Here at Teka Kitchen we make sure that neither our headquarters or your home is bombarded by a sudden delivery of every piece of the kitchen. Instead we order the products based on a timeline that is in accordance with the construction of your kitchen. Before anything is installed, we review the plan on the jobsite. Throughout the entire job, we inspect and watch the process to make sure it goes according to plan. Once your kitchen remodeling is deemed complete, we go over it one last time for a final inspection. You too will be checking out your new kitchen to see if it followed the plan.

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