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Turn Your Spare Room Into A Walk-In Closet

Do you have enough room in your closet to see everything you have without moving things around or digging through a bunch of totes or space bags? It seems that nobody ever has enough room in their closet. Especially if they have to share with a spouse, or anyone else for that matter. You really need a walk-in closet like the one those rich people on television have, right? But, you don’t have the money for that kind of makeover, so what can you do? Well, how about using that spare bedroom you are not using? Or the office that you never use? The third bathroom you are sick of cleaning?

Those are some great ideas to use for an amazing walk-in closet. Teka Kitchen Gallery Inc. in Richmond Hill has some tips for making that room feel like a giant walk-in closet:

Plenty of Space

The first thing you need to do is choose an area with plenty of space. Otherwise, you may as well just stick with your boring old closet where everything is squished together and wrinkly. Can you imagine being able to walk into a room and see all of your clothes separated by color, style, season, or however you want to organize them? Maybe you could include a trifold full-length mirror and a settee for those nights when you need someone to help you choose the perfect outfit. Our designers at Teka Kitchen Gallery Inc. in Richmond Hill can draw up a 3-D blueprint of your space so you can design the perfect walk-in closet.

Excellent Lighting

It is essential to have good lighting when you are getting dressed. Trying to choose the right shoes to go with that dress or the best color jacket to wear with your suit is much easier when you can see well. Having a variety of lighting helps you see what your outfit is going to look like in all situations such as office lighting, daylight, candlelight, or wherever the day (or night) takes you.

Shoe Shelves

Of course, we know you have to be able to see all of your shoes so you can choose what you want to wear for the day. Keep them out on a whole wall full of shoe shelves so you can see in a glance what you want to wear. Who wants a shoe rack or a shoe hangar where you have to dig through a bunch of shoes to find just the right pair for that important engagement? Find your shoes at a glance and be on your way.

Jewelry, Purses, and Makeup

Who says it has to be all clothes and shoes in your closet? Makeup and jewelry are a part of the package so you should keep it all together. You need a purse and it has to go good with your outfit, right? At Teka Kitchen Gallery we can help you make sure you have plenty of room for all of these things.

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